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They saw Aelrn as she stepped into the middle of the room. She turned to meet their eyes and walked over, stooping to join them in the low space. The three exchanged exuberant niceties before Yykth turned the topic to mapping coaches for the mecha team, both machines and operators. Acknowledging the mood of business, they settled into aetherscape interaction behind closed eyes.

AELRN: There are some things I’ve been working on, Yykth, which made me decide that my experiences and advances might be an important piece of your endeavors, which I’ve heard circulating along with your requests. You might even provide a key element to mine. I’ll show you both what’s new with me.

A freshly formed branch came loose from Aelrn’s info structure and duplicated itself to both Uixtr and Yykth. Concepts in visual display projected the glowing forms of Symbias trees, with some power data of new rare gems given from the Aureny. Yykth hadn’t been introduced to most of this, but she let Aelrn explain, framing this with context clues and fitting in the floating errata. She connected the branch to her tree, which fed it meaningful detail that amounted to a reasonable level of comprehension.

AELRN: Uixtr, you remember how the aetherscape forms of Symbias are connected analogues of physically rooted forms? We think we’ve found a way to trigger new physical forms of Symbias that are now found only in the scape. There’s a way we could try it, but we would need to be intrepid. It’s worth it not just because they’re interesting, but because the Aquarii are important.

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