36.5 \ 218

As Draig was guided to examine each viewpoint more carefully, he received internal estimates of each force brewing, its points of focus and the knowledge base directing it. The grips of power and chains of collapse. Most of this came in the form of wordless understanding, but the Dragon Mbarx also whispered.

…so much of this might is new… but what is new comes from the old. we know these workings, now. i know my part… the others know theirs. your shield of disharmony was elegantly woven… but we forged another frequency, and now we are present with the powers needed to remove you of yours…

Gaining knowledge of the forces in conflict also gave General Claymore awareness of how they would behave in the dismantling, and he stopped himself from considering the manner of imminent fatalities. These explosives were lit. The overview folded itself away from him, and he was approached again by the consciousness of Raev Sturlusson. Signalman? Draig was surprised by the moniker which floated into thought. That must be what they call him.

“You know that there’s next to no time. We have an escape hatch option. This wasn’t planned, and it’s never been done before. This is via the combined abilities of concerned parties who you have never met, but you are the one who has to tell your soldiers to save themselves. There’s no time for detailed explanation. The attack won’t wait. It’s for you to decide that it’s worth the risk to try to save as many as you can. If they do as you say… they’ll live. We don’t think they would have listened to us. There’s a good chance they’ll listen to you.”

“What do they need to do?”

“They need to link hands and touch the orbs that appear inside their windows.”

“Where are they going to go?”

“I don’t know. Somewhere.”

“I’ll tell them. How?”

A clean, glowing blue beam extended from Sturlusson’s point of awareness toward General Alisandre’s. “Connect. Then you can speak, and your voice will be sent into every vessel you just sighted.”

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