36.4 \ 218

There was another human awareness present – something like him, but over there. Draig recognized signs of a similar role, placement, presence, intention. They were actually here, of all places outside of physical space.

Part of the friction boundary swirled open, allowing these two into each others’ space while remaining in their own elements. “Oh, it’s you. Raev Sturlusson.”

The gaze returned from the other side. “Oh. Hello. General Alisandre.” There was a beat, then tension exploded in grappling, between the raw force of one and the other. Claymore felt the surge within himself, but it was met immediately, simultaneously. The churning of fractal boundaries between their domains threatened to fracture the current cohesion, then subsided to a calmer writhing with no mutual injury. “That was fun, I guess. Interesting seeing you here. I am busy.” Sturlusson’s presence began to withdraw, then hesitated while seeming to be directed elsewhere. “If you wait… just a moment.”

General Claymore felt all the dimension behind and around him, wondering how time worked here. Dreams could happen in the minutes before waking, but this wasn’t a dream. Not facile yet in the thought-voice, he decided not to exert unless strictly required. This was probably worth it.

“Since you’re here. Some of my associates had the bravado of giving you a glimpse of what is occurring. That was not a future-telling, this is happening right now. There may be more to this than your curiosity, maybe this: others among us feel it would be better for fewer people to have to die. Your presence affords us a unique opportunity, which some are discussing, very quickly, right now.”

Draig stayed put. The tension between their dynamically balanced forces felt less like arm wrestling and more like handshaking in this moment.

“Mbarx would like to inform you further so you can understand the matter more fully, in case you should like to exercise your role.” General Alisandre had recognized their sightings immediately: the five largest Alpha Station bases with fleet mobilizations.

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