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Yykth raised a hand to gently interrupt, and redirected focus toward Chrysanthe. During the next musical measure, the mekani disappeared. No sound nor sight of it anywhere. The song played on, as people stood, stunned and silent.

In a landing crouch at the other end of the facility, the mekani reappeared with Chrysanthe inside. Both sets of arms then raised in triumph! The children clapped and cheered wildly, while their guardians were slower to break into congratulation.

Bassel tugged at his mother’s clenched hand. “That’s the thing humans can do with Vedani stuff, that Vedani can’t do with Vedani stuff!”

“Did she become invisible, or…” Mirya hesitated.

Listening from nearby, Daniel Renaud dropped into the conversation. “Like translocation… but without an inter-g travelgate.” Yykth nodded from her angle, gauging the degree to which they were impressed.

The accompanying guardians knew they would soon discover reasons or purpose. Right now though, their magnificent children deserved congratulation. This kind of discovery was the tentative mark of an alliance: something peoples could do together, that they couldn’t do without each other. Some were well aware of similar events that occurred during Aquari and Dragon contacting, which cemented functional relations. Not just a discovery of idle preoccupation; not a show for mere entertainment; this was no small thing.

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