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“They’ll be meeting us at the third predetermined alternative placement, if you happen to remember which one that is.” Alisandrian latitude instruments were not good over the waters of Foshan; this planet of endless seas had its own beaconing triangulation system. The tides of Foshan were like the planet changing shape. Some offworlders experience a stronger disconnect between their memory of a place, where they think it should be, and where it is. Woollibee was very good at uncalculated estimation and recognition; it wasn’t the clouds or the waves, but it was something else which included both.

“Whether I recall where that is, I hope they can find it.” The Hoopoe was in to see Arjun Woollibee about timetable expectations, since the First AIDD was the staff liaison in closest communication with the two dragons who were keeping them in safe seclusion. “It’s already ready? The lead time was two weeks for a custom deluxe order.”

“The developers were compensated appropriately for their prototype off the desk, and there’s a custom deluxe model on the way.”

This sank in for a moment – the prototype in hand. “Did they get the notes?”

Woollibee smiled. “They got a copy of the notes.”

“Oh, I can hardly wait.”

“Barely any of us can. We want you making your best music as soon as possible.”

“Best is relative. It’s going to be experimental, let’s say, and not like anything anyone has heard on a channel. And my music has been on many channels.”

“Right. We want exactly what you know you need to make. It doesn’t even have to resemble anything anyone remotely calls music. We just want it to work. Then, then it will be beautiful.”

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