24.XV \ 206

Soleil dropped a set of thought filters onto her perception, engaging her applicable knowledge to sift what was being told to her. She allowed Raev to continue without being interrupted.

“Also for the denial of the presence of Vedani sentience. The Kao-Sidhe cover-up and displacement was an old matter continually carried over, though who is really responsible for that, if anyone? The next to do so, it may be presumed. So far, that isn’t you. It seems you pioneered a different way. They actually… hang out with you.

“Overlooking the Aureny I see as pure human error. It definitely wasn’t Aquarii, or Dragons who wanted all their gems at the cost of their lives without recognizing them as people. Though, the Aquarii may have enjoyed benefits and advances with the unexplained influx of new materials… at least until they were removed of an intrinsic link to their ancestral history.

“The continued exile of the Red Nexus Dragons had coincidentally reached its time. They’d figured out their own situation, achieving contact with the Kao-Sidhe and Vedani as they were doing so.”

Raev let his head nod humbly with just a touch of self-aware sardonic mockery. “I was able to figure out how all their emerging grievances fit with the Hirylien Remainder as they reached a tipping point. There were ways we could create the changes we sought in a threatening and hostile society.”

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