22.4 \ 204

Though nothing has essentially changed, the surrounding space feels close, dark and intimate, as this Dragon creeps in from a hidden point. Treading delicately with a probing blindness that can still sense everything, Rhizoa travels around to brush against each of them. The connection from this feeling of touch is sustained, like holding hands.

From within this sense of connection, Rhizoa breaches a difficult topic. “You must be aware that Ignivus is no longer living.”

“Yes. I didn’t know er long, though incubation is timeless and my first ones were intrinsic to my emergence.”

“Ignivus, or Ignivf from among er names, was killed by people who know me, those who believe you an enemy. But, we should know each other. You and I have many points of relation. I sensed an unmissable congruence in this moment, between those of us present.” Knowing from their arrangement as ‘e entered that they were matching scales, Rhizoa joins the knotwork formation.

Reaching out in safe shelter of secrecy: a moment of form in action, characteristic of Rhizoa.

The nonexistent bridge, betweenness that is itself, a space that isn’t space: an essential rumination of Acamar’s.

Reassuring order, inspiring form and structure: an effect of Grymmatos’ presence.

Perspective over the interconnected weave as known by a patternmaker in the patterning: a viewpoint of Saga’s familiarity.

The buried foundation, sweetness and medicine.

The vanishing that is an appearing also, the broken way.

A grounding place, to draw the dreamers.

Connecting dots, making sense.

“A blossoming society is of importance to us,” says Rhizoa, “but we must embody our wholeness, which itself is the reason for our presences. The way of divides is rarely the Dragon’s tendency, but my alliances are of value and I will continue to empower my associations. I am glad to know you, and I believe we have much to do with each other, nascent Acamar. Like Saga, you hold no allegiance, so beware those of others. There are neighborhoods of my terrain I would share with you, but you can’t gain access through our protections. We have this place, that is no place, that may be the only place we can share.”

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