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It was a long walk for Soleil, and a shorter one for Mystvall as they led her to the spiral where her introductions would occur. Rosy Glow didn’t walk, she floated. They reached an archway with a large space beyond a ledge. Mystvall stamped a foot in acknowledgment and signaled Soleil through the archway with pointing chin.

Soleil stepped onto the ledge and faced the chamber. It was a round chasm with no floor in sight. This ledge, the width of two or three Aureny, extended spiraling down the side of the pit past various openings. Many Aureny stood awaiting on this ledge, each looking as mighty as the previous. Soleil knew this wasn’t about the strength of her arms. It would be the solidity of her will, the honesty of her desires, the force of her intention, the clarity of her being, and the wholeness of her understanding that would keep her from getting thrown off a ledge or crushed against a wall. Their language occurred in vibrations she couldn’t perceive; she chose to believe that they could sense these things, not wishing to die of skepticism. Skepticism may have been a part of the beginning of this trouble. This was a very formal place for introduction.

She undid her long dark hair, letting it swing down her back and over her shoulders. Soleil zipped her control gloves away in her Vedani piloting suit, and considered Rosy Glow where she sat on a radiant crystal sconce. She sent a small smile. This would not require translation.

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