5 \ 187

Vanessa Udar, 13

Ionos Capital

– How have you felt since returning home?
I feel like I’m better, but I’m not sure. I test myself, maybe push a little harder to prove I’m doing as well as before. That might make things feel harder, like I’m harder on myself. I get tired sometimes. Didn’t I always get tired sometimes?

– How are your friends and family treating you?
I caught it, and so did my brother and my mom. My dad didn’t, and he’s been giving us special treatment since. Sometimes I don’t like it, and I wish things were just the way they were, whether or not my nostalgia is real. I try pretending it didn’t happen, but that doesn’t last long. Our friends brought food to the house, and welcome home gifts.

– Would you say that readjusting has been easy, or difficult?
Even though everyone’s so nice, I get down in the dumps sometimes. It’s not always easy. I start thinking about questions I can’t answer. Sometimes I stab the wall with knives and that helps me feel better! It’s an easy fix, and no one has a problem with it.

– Do your affected senses feel better, worse, or the same as before?
I don’t know. Better, maybe? Or I’m just growing up.

– Have you changed activities since your illness?
Knife stabbing of walls is the only slightly disturbing thing. I also now take a rowboat into the pond at the park, after school twice a week for an hour. At first I just floated around, but now I row more.

– When you think of Pyrean Midsummer, how do you feel?
I might skip the next one.

– What do you think of the care provided by the Imperium?
It’s the best anybody could have hoped for. Including this follow-up, which is a very caring thing.

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