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Chrysanthe Renaud, 7

Alisandre Capital

– How have you felt since returning home?
It’s weird. Sometimes I think about the people on the H planet that didn’t get better, and how lucky I am that I did. Everything’s a little brighter, or maybe I’m just thankful.

– How are your friends and family treating you?
A little like a hero, or someone famous. Like I survived because I was strong. We were in the news, on tv. Everybody cares, but some kids are more interested in what it was like meeting the royal children. I’m glad my daddy survived too, and we’re even closer now.

– Would you say that readjusting has been easy, or difficult?
Easy. They forgave my homework, but I’ll still have to pass the tests.

– Do your affected senses feel better, worse, or the same as before?
Maybe I just pay better attention, so it’s like I hear and see more now.

– Have you changed activities since your illness? If so, what has changed?
I watch more news now, because it feels like something I’ve been a part of. I had to get slowly more active after all the time in bed, but I get to go back to gymnastics soon.

– When you think of Pyrean Midsummer, how do you feel?
My dad said it was lucky to be born so near Pyrean Midsummer. This is the first one I remember seeing. It was beautiful, but now I wonder if luck can go either way.

– What do you think of the care provided by the Imperium?
I’m still alive because of them.

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