5x Rerun: Abyss Surrounding (2) 13th Sequence, 29-32



– 29 –

I behold thee: a different fish amongst a school of fish, swimming in the void.  Behold, you have attained what was once, to you, secret knowledge.  This may be enough for thee.  How much longer will you play in these safe waters, thee whom I beholdst?

– 30 –

Beware thee not, all lies within expectation.  ‘Ware the gazes, their points of origin, their aim, crosses, landings.  They have their wrong directions.  Beware thee inasmuch as a shadow.  ‘Ware also the shadows, how cast, how fallen, how long.  Shadows under different suns.  ‘Ware the meeting of each shadow, yet only as such.  I am ‘ware for thine, beware thee not.

– 31 –

Beloved, thou survivors of shared trial.  Beloved for thy personhood, for thy minds behind eyes which grasp what has been seen.  Beloved for thy strength of heart.  Beloved thou, in new awareness discovered, beloved for thy part.  I honor you, I embrace you, I welcome you, beloved thou to me.

– 32 –

I have reasons to believe thee, who tell me what I am not yet sure we need to know.  For thou art the experts, and I believe thee with my own expert understanding.  Together, we forge what I shall believe of thee.  I believe you are the only ones in this darkness.  I believe I can light with thee the sparkling ways.  I believe you glean the greater of our questions.  I believe thee thine conclusions.  As we grow finer in knowledge, so shall I continue to believe thee.

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