About, 100, RadCon Recap


Par excellence, a great introduction to the Tri-Cities area of Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, WA.  As follows…

It’s Dean. Dean, not Sam.

With Orion, past and future Worldcon tech and sword-swinging fire breather of Ignition.

Puppets from the Toby Froud-directed short, “Lessons Learned”.

With puppeteer, animator, director Toby Froud himself!

There I watched this beautiful trailer (a boat of leaves & petals!):

Making my books available despite a last-minute presence:



For internet-only readers, the About page has been updated with the descriptive summary from the hardcover book and an updated author section.


From Bones of Starlight Facebook, upon receiving 100 Likes:

Many thanks to the readers, supporters, and muses who have been along for the journey, as this story grew from a plotline, to a few website posts, to a book; from two central characters, to a universe full, with a returning history, growing aspirations, and discovery of the unknown.

I look forward to bringing you more of this space fantasy saga, and I hope it captivates you as it has me! May the connections we’ve formed through time and space grow strong. Here’s to the future, and a good start.


Visiting Wingnut Customs’ stage dragon, featured in Lord of the Stark Realm:
IMG_3043   IMG_3057

The tiny reality of Paranorman at Laika Studios:

A late-found Radcon goodie bag surprise – a Marvel ’94 Flair card that I owned double as an 11-year-old. Quasar, Universal Guardian.

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