Dragon Food

Here I’m taking a break to introduce the work of a weekend puppet making class taught by Toby Froud at The Fernie Brae in Portland, OR.  I was playing with the idea of a character I just introduced: Dragon Food, one of the Kao-Sidhe that the Princess has just encountered.  Though he hasn’t appeared yet in such an elaborated form, this is what I have constructed.  Sculpted, painted, and fabricated entirely by me under fantastic tutelage, and not entirely finished.


The orange ninja just happens to be along.

I’m also really excited to have this:


About, 100, RadCon Recap


Par excellence, a great introduction to the Tri-Cities area of Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, WA.  As follows…

It’s Dean. Dean, not Sam.

With Orion, past and future Worldcon tech and sword-swinging fire breather of Ignition.

Puppets from the Toby Froud-directed short, “Lessons Learned”.

With puppeteer, animator, director Toby Froud himself!

There I watched this beautiful trailer (a boat of leaves & petals!):

Making my books available despite a last-minute presence:



For internet-only readers, the About page has been updated with the descriptive summary from the hardcover book and an updated author section.


From Bones of Starlight Facebook, upon receiving 100 Likes:

Many thanks to the readers, supporters, and muses who have been along for the journey, as this story grew from a plotline, to a few website posts, to a book; from two central characters, to a universe full, with a returning history, growing aspirations, and discovery of the unknown.

I look forward to bringing you more of this space fantasy saga, and I hope it captivates you as it has me! May the connections we’ve formed through time and space grow strong. Here’s to the future, and a good start.


Visiting Wingnut Customs’ stage dragon, featured in Lord of the Stark Realm:
IMG_3043   IMG_3057

The tiny reality of Paranorman at Laika Studios:

A late-found Radcon goodie bag surprise – a Marvel ’94 Flair card that I owned double as an 11-year-old. Quasar, Universal Guardian.