Audiobook CD Release! Fire On All Sides, 1st & 2nd Sqs.

The red carpet’s rolled out, and the doors are open:

the physical audiobook of The Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides, 1st & 2nd Sequences is now available to purchase on!

Through this direct-to-creator platform, each copy comes signed by the author, with gratitude and best wishes on all your space journeys. There are 30 copies available via bandcamp in this first release.

$20-Audiobook CD, story only version, signed with extra digital download key
$13.33-digital version alone, featuring music by Kalya Scintilla

While the story is, as ever, available to read and listen to online, these highly portable, shareable, and playable audio copies can entertain when you’re out of range somewhere strange. You need never wonder how to reach the storyteller!

I’ll also be selling at the Artist’s Alley at Rose City Comic Con, along with story portal prints and full art decks of the first 52 section illustrations! And, we’ll see what’s in store for Wordstock.

Audiobook & Masks

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