Fire Within, 2nd Sequence Audiobook

The 2nd Sequence audiobook of Bones of Starlight Book 1: Fire Within is now airing beta on  featuring the music of Phutureprimitive – available to listen, pay what you want to download.

A note on rights accessibility: this set of audiobook recordings is being released with a Creative Commons Attribution license. That means they are available to be shared and remixed, including commercially, so long as correct credit is given for the sample. So, these sci-fi book readings can be openly incorporated into music and other audio and video collages. I am keenly interested in any such collaborations and would very much like to be informed, even rewarded! But, permission is not necessary to proceed. Please, do.


Reissue Beta Offer; Voice Talent

For anyone interested in contributing to the release of Fire Within as beta readers, I have a PDF/.doc markup copy available of the full text. This is just to look for errors, not make changes in style. I’m currently giving it touches of shine before Kindle version rolls out (first).

If you’d like to participate, email with the words BETA REQUEST FIRE WITHIN in the subject line.

There’s now a 2-track ep on featuring the vocal talent of Leland Gilliam (a.k.a. Led Lawless, wrestling announcer) reading the first two sections of the 2nd Sequence of Fire Within. It sounds cool and clever, have a listen! (Please tip your entertainers.)

Audiobook: Fire Within, 1st Sequence – FREE BETA – complete

You can now enjoy the entire 1st Sequence (1-13) of Bones of Starlight: Fire Within as an audiobook via Bandcamp – read by the author, with music by Phutureprimitive. If you appreciate what you hear, please donate as you download your copy!


This audiobook version is the first release featuring the adjusted text of book 1, now with standard agendered pronouns for Dragons, as they are in Bones of Starlight universe. Look forward to the print reissue, as well as the online re-run (updated story straight through, doubled sections, no interruptions) to follow the original serial completion of Book 2: Abyss Surrounding.


(pictured: Primal Spiral Studio)