151 / 343

The delicate flowers atop the mountain
swaying under the sunlit breeze

Commerce and activity of a civilization
buzzing at the frequency of commonality

The sparkling river speaks its motion
mystically winding and exuberantly flowing

Another day at the public house, opening up
to the unknown callers of fortune and circumstance

The raising of mighty voices in hope and resilience,
holding each other through the worst for a new day

Warmth of an invitation, sharing presence
in relaxation, enjoying a fine home together

The waves call their lovers, profound
depths echoing with life, wisdom, and adventure

Bucolic contentment through hard work
growing and making to share and enjoy

Haven of the outer reaches, perspective
and distance as a refuge for healing

Elevated inner sanctums comtemplating
their perpetuity as ever, the cooperative edifice

The youth seeking their best potential,
at home or away, decisions weighty and enticing

Lush gardens in bloom, the rambling
affections of their tenders in gentleness

A sky unlike any other, seen from the
firm ground, the greatness of being.

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