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The rhythm kept on running, through rises and falls in the group sound. Their projected vibration carried all the qualities that everyone brought to the aureny, woven into the intentions that accessed their greater outer dimensions.

numinous // soulful // magical // harmonic
// transformational // melodic // resonant

In this moment, there was culmination, danger, and deep memory – so much had come together and evolved in this blink within one lifetime.

expansive // moving // persuasive // growth
// direct // steadfast // intuitive

It all fed the process of the aureny, one that would reverberate for some time, echoing through the gemstone caverns.

gnosis // cogitation // foresight // understanding
// comprehension // opening // insightful // clarity

The stones of legend that they placed around the singing core glowed luminous, reflecting in the finest tempered adornments sparkling in the tufted fur atop their iron hides.

collectivism // linking // interconnection // caring
// peacemaking

heartfelt // muscle // embracing // reach
// warming

The dawn of the morrow began to shine through the beam crystals, telling them the breakfast flowers would be opening in the feasting gardens. Some Aureny would leave to nourish themselves, while others maintained the vibration.

galvanizing // courageous // piercing // driven
// forthright // motivation // correct // righteousness
// ambition // justice // convincing // solidarity

The endurance of this aureny was extremely athletic, even or especially as distributed throughout a fluctuating network.

thundering // great // heritage // mojo

hopeful // comforting // meditative // beseeching
// reconcile // consolation // remembrance

A recognizable satisfaction of completeness was growing, even through the unabated urgency in their drive.

fortitude // insistence // sureness // incisive
// resilience // endurance // forebearance // persistence

The crescendo of the movement was in a way familiar, though saturated in newness of the kind they had dearly sought.

confidence // ideation // pride // identifying
// expression

enlivening // wellspring // gracious // elevating

They would continue until the time had come, and they would know when it was time.

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