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Soleil was going through extra motion analysis rounds with Moonshadow, building their physical vocabulary. She needed to keep limber, things were really underway. In her youth this was when, with a predatory sense of timing, her teacher would emerge from the shadows. Her teacher found her, and she recognized and accepted her teacher. They were from an order, whose name kept itself usually forgotten. “Don’t trust me, fight me, and fight me by fighting your own distrust, and that of your body; if you trust it, you can control it.” She grew to defeat her teacher many times before these lessons faded to a close.

The other thing Soleil knew by understanding the stories, and learning to know – the weapon would be available. There was a famous blade in the news. It was having its provenance transcribed, and this was a part of the new collection for the historical establishment that was the last act of her grandmother Celeste. Soleil eyeballed it, imagined its balance and weight ratio, looked at accounts of what it had done, remembering the baton she chose for her pong training.

She traced the sword through its publicity. It was the one that had killed Ignivus, and by legend and full likeness, Hamurlae. In the file from the new historical institution, Soleil found the name of the experts currently handling the provenance: CJ&c., Ultd. Upon her request, Moonshadow went looking through the channels to make an affirmative contact.

Casper Jacobs was wearing casual snazzy, wondering about this unusual side chat he’d been plying. They’d been earnest, entertaining, hypnotically insightful and well timed. While Casper had other things to do, he made room for this little appointment, just to give his brain enough things to keep it running fully engaged. He knew he was about to get his mind blown, which is one of his favorite things in life. He had the feeling this could really be worth it.

When Soleil strode off Moonshadow’s platform toward Jacobs, appearing decisively as herself to this person, he was taken aback. He recognized her immediately, and with a microgesture flashed up an ident which corroborated his guess. This was part of something that was happening right now. “Are you,” he asked with a gesture of assessment, “133740R53?”

Soleil looked back at Moonshadow, who blushed. “That would be my friend there,” she replied pointing. She didn’t stop walking toward his door.

“Would you like to come in and talk?” asked Jacobs.

“Yes, thank you.” They went in, and Moonshadow hid.

Then, he did it. They talked, and Casper decided to give her the sword, Dusk-Arrow. His whole fate on the line for something totally unprecedented, but he already lives this kind of life.

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