138 \ 330

There’s a new full iteration of the formula that we’re going to implement.
This is going to change the “shape” of the spheroid dynamic, the shape of its internal motion.
So what’s that going to give us?
Different waves, with more lifelike complexity.
Like what kind of life?
Its own, perhaps.
This is something really big, double entendre.
It’s like a dynamo.
Like one, but of a scale, concept, and character not heretofore imagined.
Is this technically a planetoid?
Is a planetoid in the aetherscape a planetoid, and what is the nature of the dimensions of its reality? This is mystery discussion material, and I’ll just let them run with that.
It does have a lot of names.
What are we plugging this into, or into this, right now?
Music, mainly.
Music can be very powerful.
By our measurements, always.
And with this…
What will we do?
What can it do?
Should we be prepared, should there be safety measures?
Safety Third.
That’s a good spot in the order of priority.
But, we want results.
We have results.
We’ll get results!
Possibly all at once.
What will it affect?
We’ll see. We’ll have to let people know.
I’m for it.
Oh, there’s no denying it.
We all want this.
We must thank the Human Hydraia.

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