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“I’m really excited about this, been a while since a redcomm request. Paying whatever it takes, whatever it takes, whatever it takes. I can figure out what it takes.” Casper Jacobs was on a roll, muttering to himself the way he does when running multiple processes smoothly in high gear. He was gathering his resources and rearranging his workspace. “This thing is coming straight from the top, and it’s so cool, this could really blow people’s minds. As for me, I’m getting it out there, putting it into the right sets of claws – cause the Dragons, they haven’t been allowed to talk to each other, beyond problematic, and we want it fixed, along with everything else. Fix everything! Now that I’ve seen it, I know where I’ve seen people talking about it. And when I say people, I mean the kind of people I ain’t never seen but I’d sure like to meet. It’s not exactly hush, it’s just moving fast. And I’ll get it moving faster, from their heads to our heads without any untoward detours. Now I get to talk to the pigeon guy, who likes being left alone most of the time, but I love him and his brave fluffy dragonspies. Tiny scrolls, tiny scrolls. Time to make the teeniest tiny holo-key scrolls.” He let out a long exhale. “This moment is feeling very… vivid. Like things haven’t felt in a kind of while. Something is really happening.”

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