131 \ 323

UIXTR: Semi-incorporeal though the Kao-Sidhe may be, they conduct discussions of great substance – and, on the other hand, little matter.

OIBHN: I’m glad they invited us to the Fray, after we noticed its effluvia in our uncharted aethers, where we usually detect their sparkling traces. Certain among my social spheres are very engaged! People are communicating their own contributions, like Yykth here.

YYKTH: Hey, I’m “here.” I’m mostly just listening to the statements that are being collected. I am circulating related topics, which I also see speakers picking up. Then to one side, but not totally separate because concurrence-feeds-generation, new Spheraeonic samples are mutating, and becoming really interesting with added volumes. So, that’s a form of multi-wave artistry that’s circulating with the Dragon edits of the scroll.

UIXTR: The scroll reads better and better as it comes along. It’s clear which parts can be regrouped for subsequent iterative understanding. But it’s all out there as soon as it comes, and it’s coming together nicely. We might soon have exhausted a full account of the needs of the dawning age, the age upon us wherein we cannot unsee each other.

OIBHN: I’ve never unseen anyone – unless there’s somebody I’ve forgotten.

YYKTH: Forgivable slips can be remedied, I’m learning.

UIXTR: Perhaps much can be remedied. Beyond that, the path will show itself.

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