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Back and forth, the musical conversation continued between peoples recently strange to each other, mediated by symbiotic tree awareness. Aquarii and Vedani were drastically differing life forms in many ways, but their collaboration was driven by mutual protection and encouraged by galvanizing intuition.

In song circles like the ones Bright Wave held, musical phrases traveled in rounds from their origin points, spiraling outward. They were reiterated and reinterpreted for the greatest flexible degree of understanding as the Aquarii taught and retaught, learned and relearned in varying frequencies blended with the voices of the Symbias:

understanding, branching
roots in the air, wind to the soil
reaching along the braid of life in time
through knowledge, language and connection
together, now we are greater
this is our intention

Vedani who listened and interacted were circulating logs and notes of interest, both authored and anonymous, throughout the aetherscape. Uixtr Xkcd was absolutely riding this wave. This created supporting relevances shifting through Voices of Authority, resonating to distantly-connected corners and curvilinearities of mindspace:

[the harmonies weave into our own trees in the aetherscape
these Symbias understand our energetic branchings of thought
the beat of breath in their song drives our dynamos]

They responded to each other with the kind of absorption of having almost nothing more important, now. Vedani had changed phase in their interaction; defensive infiltration, awareness and mutual aid having been accomplished, this bridge building took precedence in their developments with the Pan-Galactic Imperium.

overcoming animosity for the lives of our dearest kin
and the continuation of our generations
they insist that this is not just necessary, but right
that this is a glorious joy

[we enacted upon them grievous harm
then learned that we might need them, that they could save us
they are embracing us because this is more than making amends –
this is the forward evolution that forestalls extiction, discovery and growth
now we are called to learn in order to defend ourselves from careless malice,
as must they, and in this way we are now bound]

Vedani hadn’t exactly been aware to what extent the destruction, rediscovery, and redevelopment of the Symbias would make them intricately bound to the life of a uniquely powerful and beautiful people. They had found and tried to reach what they were certain were distant genetic kin, the Humans, who then threatened the continued safety of Vedani people with habitual violence; then the gifted allies of these humans, after suffering strategic sacrifice, say that their arboreal counterparts now consider the Vedani integral members of the harmonious present-future they lovingly tend.

[now they call us kin, in all those complexities,
and their mysteries echo into our own
with amplified resonance in ways we had never guessed ourselves,
discovering another kind of mind within our connected mind]

[we plant our feet on soils strange to each other,
and we are their communication
we transform the distance of space into nearness
we hear and speak, and now are heard and spoken of
by those who forgive us enough to grant us
strength and protection if we will learn and grow together –
and that’s really all we wanted in the first place, here]

not everyone finds it easy to sing
with those who nearly destroyed us,
but our nearest and dearest tells us
that this is the way it must be,
in the sweetest strains of the balm of existence

from the soundings into the darkness,
the replies from distant selves have multiplied;
could there have been another way
to broaden our universe?
they always root us into what is,
not what otherwise would be,
what can be, not what could have been,
what we are, not what we aren’t,
and only in this way did our voices first reach each other,
and still do

This generation of Aquarii had a new generation of songs, that sounded like they were made for a new time that they were learning to embrace for their own survival. They overcame their own resistance by learning more, and understanding each other over and over again. Dark Zephyr delved into difficulty to forge resounding tones.

our memories deepening again
while we become ourselves anew with relation;
more ourselves, our extended selves more themselves
this music is different and great
as true and truer than ever, true to now

[time feels different – like we’ve discovered another type of time
there’s a stream that flows differently into a space
with other measurements of dimension
this is something we can talk about for a long time,
over beverages at many parties, this is such fine material
to weave into our warp and weft at full speed]

Singers created clarity in their finesse of expression in the way of their most forward developments, creating strong ripples through their people with this growing power. The eight homeworlds were acting in unison on this, with a degree of symphony unseen in living generations. Translation became expression, and the reverse. Aelrn Lkcd stuck with this calling longer than she had first expected while Oibhn Clnr, in his corner of interspace, was a merry host to the social aspect of the new wave. Even Yykth, free from her team responsibility during the laboratory action, decided to take up this hobby.

[these trees, the Symbias, are growing as quickly as ideas now
are they even trees? like aetheric lightning.
maybe it’s us, of course it’s them too,
and this growth feels like it’s happening in ourselves
maybe the Symbias always grow with their friends]

the Symbias love this, we love our tree friends,
the trees love them, we are all loved
the love grows as it has always grown us
died in fire, the old day – born in fire, the new grace

[we have feelings, yes, what we call emotions along with our ideas,
but there are new senses to understand
by learning something strange with this new kinship
we blossom with other colors, blush with new warmth,
in finding balance in another relation of significance,
creating another language of development, whee!]

the foliage feels a barrier somewhere, a kind of net that wavers
it grips and tests, examining the music of the flowers within it,
their communication, their calls broadcast
fractured and reiterated to confusion and complication
this cannot hold

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