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There was a weaving now underway, quiet in announcement but loud in reverberation. The Symbias trees were forming a new set of bonds in their regeneration. Something was happening of the kind that happened when Aquarii first found each other with Symbias on separate planets across stars, when they discovered space travel by the songs they created in maturation with their trees. It felt very much like that, a leap that could be witnessed in a lifetime. The Vedani and Aquarii working together on this were handling it delicately, tentatively, hopefully. Many things would be changing; this was something they would do right now.

Aelrn Lkcd still had her lab in the aetherscape and in shipspace. She wasn’t the only one doing this anymore, maybe no longer even the foremost. In some respects, she continued to do as she had been doing when she’d only known the Symbias in their aetheric forms – she listened and recorded with her head among the roots. There was a lot more information now, working in communication with the ancient steward-friends of their physical beings.

Bright Wave lived now in deep communication with her trees, singing the Grove back to life with the full focus of her entire being. The returned lost future of her people was transforming. She could give it voice, bringing memory into the present and future, connective to collectivity across dimensions. The Symbias were expressing in new symphonics, communicating between the different peoples with radical tonal shifts bearing all the old knowledge.

As she recorded her impressions in the aetheric Symbias lab, Aelrn was no longer arranging to decipher in as many layers as she had; completing a session, she braided it immediately into a branch of the connected aetherscape that would bring the information to other researchers who were now avidly engaged. It was exciting and relieving having others take up the project. The Symbias were speaking with each other, with the Vedani who would learn and build with them, and with nurturing guardian Aquarii. This conversation, in the sense of how the Vedani revere the energy generation of idea exchange, was creating a murmur big enough to cause deep, giant currents of power they were only beginning to understand.

In the Grove where she was largely residing, other Aquarii sat in receptive half-moon around Bright Wave while she streamed song with her back to a new and rapidly growing Symbias. They learned the way she formed her mind to understand, and learned the song by joining in as it came – furthering it, amplifying it, and sending it. They were understanding each other anew, and others anew, in a new time, with their oldest friends.

There was groundswell, and flow; and growth, growth with the abundance of the expansion of joy. There was a gladness, overwhelmingly uplifting no matter how at odds with the complexity of conflict. It was the most goodness anyone could handle, the greatest embrace of life, the rushing eagerness to become building its own support. There was exquisite presence in its becoming self, and this was a new reality with a deep source that included each of them, now.

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