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– I think this is important.
– I believe that not only should you be involved, you are involved.

In the Fray, they held nothing back. The beaming Dragon eye could be their enemy, but they recognized the potentialities as a precipitation of their process. If anything, they were less careful about what they said, digging deep to dredge up every last faceted nuance of perspective within their grasp. Their importance was being acknowledged, and they were stepping into the nascent advisory role with aplomb.

– There are other parties.
– Well, they’re all welcome to the Fray. If they’re at all concerned with the matter at hand, then they’re already in it.
– If they can get here.
– They have to be willing to see every perspective, if they want this perspective.

Arkuda realized that’s what ‘e’d been doing – seeing every perspective available as clearly as if thinking it. Subtle and easy to normalize, yet a different kind of mind. Bias makes one blind; there could be no blindness in the Fray, lest one should fall, though there be blindness everywhere. Arkuda knew er own blindness, which didn’t mean ‘e lacked any – except perhaps for here, this place ‘e could only see and sense by a means of permission. That agreement to disagree was key.

The invitation to bring others to the Fray also stunned Arkuda. That seemed reckless of them. Characteristically so?

– That would be a different avenue of approach. Possibly dangerous.
– No one gets here by avoiding danger.
– Courage is required to face dissent. You would know, having shown enough of it.

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