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Dragon Food had always been eventually expelled on an out-breath, after spending some time being eaten and fully digested, in the way that happens inside a Dragon, for Dragon Food. A Dragon is like a plane between planes, and this digestion was like becoming a part of every innumerable plane touching this Dragon’s intraplane of elemental existence. Expulsion velocity occurred in rate of experience; interestingly, of course interestingly, velocities varied as Dragon Food careened in a personal form of interdimensional propulsion.

During this ‘time’ of being part of the Dragon’s breath, he/‘e (he’e?) was still part of a part of the Dragon, on a draconid meta-analytical level. While ‘moving’ (which was also being) along a course through the element, the Kao-Sidhe’s existence was in the form of the element, and still in the invert-D bas-relief pattern imprint gestalt of Dragon Food. So Dragon Food existed as himself, with little control except flight posture, in the form of another’s existence in the shared set of tonal keys and ability effects.

And so there were places, experienced in this specific manner; maybe not even as a place, but as an aspect of a place and the realm that encompasses. It may not even be a place at all, but something that happens in many places – sort of like a Dragon’s extended elemental circulatory system. Betimes, Dragon Food would be exhaled with some greeting of awareness, sometimes not. This time it was an energetic all-encompassing sigh of remembrance of all that had just passed; Dragon Food was always glad to hear that sound of the moment after a really excellent meal.

Akralnar was as new in existence as er twin Acamar; between hatching and the meeting of the self, the story of this one was unknown and undoubtedly different. Dragon Food was now a part of a small piece of that story, and knew Akralnar and er element through this part. Describing and understanding the newly hatched element would take people some time, but they had certainly discovered it and been discovered by it. This was the new universe, once again.

Dragon Food recalled while in constant transformation that it was during the experiment, when the two Dragons met their same-self, that he was eaten by an extradimensional as an appealing piece of music which literally transcended dimensions, making the same possible for Dragon Food. He wasn’t worried much about translation of being, since he was still himself. If eaten by a Dragon, Dragon Food is Dragon Food. Once the Dragon’s breath dissipated and he was no longer a part of it, he believed that his being could only resolve in his own dimensional set… surely! Meanwhile, Dragon Food was everywhere within the breath, swirling and unfurling.

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