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The Dragons Arkuda and Acamar split off from Soleil’s carried being like petals falling off a flower, depositing her in a place – one where she had landed from elsewhere before, that was vivid in her memory, that they both could find and reach with that information. With her where she needed to be, the two Dragons went their separate ways instantly via their own dragonroads.

Arkuda in sun, in fire, in warmth, absorption, reflection, power, time, space, kindling. It was there, where Arkuda’s element transformed into something related but distinct, that a communication ripple bloomed, catching er fascination. There was a matter that needed to be discussed. As the ripple evolved, it became clear that this was more than a transitory exchange, with more than a circumstantial collision of elements. There was a concrescent occurrence underway, and Arkuda acknowledged purpose in this. There was some talking that needed to be done at the heart of this matter, Dragons to Dragons, and then other important parties would need to participate in the results.

Your thoughts on the matter...

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