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There was, at some point, another voice in there with the first voice. Both voices were there between the things they could hear, sense, and record – like unheard footfalls.

Instrument readings were consistent, yet came in differently; it was the metaphenomena, the differentials in timing, things that weren’t being measured about the things that were being measured. This was yet noted by some, with the keenness of peak moment attention. The sound of the song was an object being carried along the same trajectory by two dancers instead of one.

The matching of the two parts of sound became more seamless, more indistinguishable. They began to see something out there, similar to the sunset they saw on their first full run. Was it a different sunset? Here, it was a different day. Was that a different place? Here, they were in the same place. Between themselves and this other present place was a shadow – a mesh of two shadows that were the same but different, looking alike but moving differently. They could barely be discerned between two halves of otherwise light-filled worlds.

That’s where the action was happening, barely outside of sense or comprehension, on the very edge of awareness. Why did they read this sound connected to this moment, and produce a sound to create this moment? Why were these two Dragons necessary? Two Dragons.

Arctyri wasn’t there to lend er perspective; ‘e was only helping facilitate transit to safe surface. Arkuda, of light-filled nature, was calmly held in the awe of developing comprehension. The second Dragon was the same Dragon, like the other half of the song was the same song. The Arch had been working on this research since before Acamar had emerged. Arkuda recognized the way of Dragon conception – the development of an element of truth in existence, from other elements of truth, somewhere outside of and throughout time. Once it was real, it had always been real, even if one day it might not be real in the same way. This moment was inextricable from itself. That other Dragon, which was the same Dragon, was in another place, which in some way might be the same place. In these two places, two parts of the same song were being played.

Many of the humans aboard looked through the shadows to what was beyond, each recording for their own profession to the best of their ability. Across an impossible distance of clarity, there were people, so like them. There were strange structures. It was hard to focus, but easy to feel.

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