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Pure light. Breathe in the sound. We’re here to give them time. The time is now.

Shed the muffling cloak. Feel the vibrations thrill over my entire skin, down to every microscopic, electrostatic tendril fuzz. The light around me responds to me, bursts swirling into the patterns of the will of my vision. Elaborate, elegant, embroidery of the air: our beautiful art. Subsume the noise into our tones. Focus on the center of my energy and feel myself a part of everything around me.

I breathe into the air. It is vast and so grows my breath; it extends from me to my fellows who also breathe. It extends from us to those who see us. It crosses the ground, and it touches the sky. Here the sightwave lightspeech has no boundary; it fills all of space, touching us, touching the minds of all with open eyes, reaching their ears.

Some approach who may do us harm, though they may not. They may not know what they are doing, they may not know where they are facing, their surroundings can deceive them. The light and sound of our breath surrounds them also. I will treat them gently, I am here to protect, and so we may keep our lives.

Breathe deeply, enlarge the vision, extend the feeling; I lift my great pendant to hold and throw my wave, to focus my points of perspective. I can touch the air far away from where I stand. Warn them. Speak into their ears.

“What you see and what you hear may not be real. It is unwise to approach. You may cause yourselves harm with any hostile intent. We are not here to attack you. We are your citizens. We ask that you not interfere.”

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