88.2 \ 280

Bare-headed and without their bluelight body shields on, a blond geneticist muttered back and forth with her dark-skinned labmate. They were reading the signs.

Biological Genocide
Hirylien Happened On Purpose
You Know It’s Wrong
Evil Empire Control
We Know What You Did
HA235 is a Designer Label
You Followed the Orders, Didn’t You
Did You Know What You Made?
You’re Not Why We Survived (You’re why we almost died)
Quit Your Jobs
Rise Up & Realize

“Are you recording this?” The labmate had a lapel pin camcom.

“Yeah, for later. We need express permission for anything depicting this facility, remember?”

“Oh, yeah. Will we be able to get the permission? How worried are we for our own safety right now?”

“These look like people who don’t take lives or have heavy weaponry. But, how did they get here? Maybe they have friends. Why today?”

A large member of security approached them quickly. “There are objects landing inside the fence. They have some kind of toy bow or launcher that can shoot high and far. We’re investigating, while initiating the next tier of procedure. Put all of your work away, long storage. Then get ready, and find your exit buddies.”

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