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This piece of paper was left behind in a tent, in the great meadow.

It’s been so long since the great cataclysm of our lifetimes took away our beautiful planet of Hirylien. Some of us held the memory of that place so dear that it became our lives ever since. Now we’re the bullet in a beast too big to comprehend, eyeing the vulnerability of a power so all-encompassing that most don’t even perceive it. What we do may only be one small thing, but it was impossible until we carved our stairway step by step into the side of the mountain. This could take away only one weapon, break only one illusion, but here we, the Remainder, may very well triumph over what nearly destroyed us all. Then, we can make peace with our ghosts by giving our strength to the life which yet waits to be lived. We offer our breath so that others may breathe, as our loved ones did once, without the threat of this menace. We have forged the keys to unlock every door, discovered the fine print between the lines, examined the blueprints of it all, the documents, so many documents. The help we have – the allies, the brave hearts – it’s beyond anything we could have imagined at first – and we are also just a piece of their picture, which makes this feel more real. This is really happening. I’m thankful, so thankful, for these ordinary people who’ve left their homes because they know this is a cause for humanity; thankful for these beings of other dimensions who aligned with us, relations who want to help because they want to do something right. I hope we do right by them, and each other, and everyone. It’s better, easier that Raev isn’t here, even if this is his moment. We might actually pull this off. The cooperation that’s brought us here, that supports us here, it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I believe.

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