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The lights turned a pale shade somewhere between blue and red. Eyes-closed stillness was the request, whichever way a person knew best how to keep it and focus awareness at the same time. Everything turned deeply quiet when the energy dropped. They were situated in their emergency point huddles, plunged into the underwater gloaming. She’d prepared herself to let it out: honesty, clarity, straightforward and direct, into and from the heart, to that place. A smile in the stillness of this moment, Soleil activated her voice receiver and began.

“This is my own account.
You can follow it like a story,
let it direct you to a place
like the place where I was
face-to-face with this Dragon,
who was there in this place,
which may not be a place at all

I was going and going,
where stopping might mean death,
might mean being forever lost

It seemed like I was going forever,
but I couldn’t keep going forever.
Nothing goes forever,
except maybe forever. Not me.
And I knew that,
I knew it was coming,
I kept getting closer and closer to it.

I felt an imminence, nearness,
that I was almost ready to embrace,
though never quite until it overcame me,
and there was a nothingness between everything,
connecting and disconnecting everything

There was a moment where nothing happened,
it was a place,
and in this place

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