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“This Dragon is considered an enemy of the Pan-Galactic Imperium, unless other subsequent decisions are made,” said Draig Claymore. “I’m not speaking for myself – I just know the current stance and that it hasn’t yet changed. The official word from an unofficial source, as I do not believe that I currently hold my office.”

“We talked about the probability of enemies,” replied Rosy Glow, “and I can at least say that the Dragon Acamar is unclear on any offensive status – you may consider ‘er your enemy, but ‘e does not necessarily regard you as such.”

“That’s somewhat comforting,” chimed Soleil, as she recalled the meeting with Acamar when they made an unusual trade, a pardon for a protection while escaping the wilderness of deep space. Some of the people assembled in the mess hall were taking nearby seats while they mulled things over.

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