70.3 \ 252

“There’s something else going on with them, isn’t there?
“This isn’t all they’re here to do.
“Did you see any of them?
“The electricity – it was a complex and powerful spark, live yet controlled.
“This was a feat of technology and elemental engineering.
“The chamber, did they spark the primal elements?
“What could then form those elements and create a physical body of a tree we know?
“What do they have to do with the signal attacks, in the cities?
“And the fleet attacks, did the energy signature seem familiar?
“We’ve been barely involved, it’s hard to know.
“What do the trees tell us?
“They can’t catch up with everything and everyone at once, they have to grow too.

“What do we do? We need the Vedani.
“They’re part of a complicated allied conflict against the society of our citizenship.
“It’s hard to know what we’ll do.
“We will have to learn more.
“This changes the way we relate.
“Moments ago, it did not seem that we had a future. But we do again, or still.

“We will reform the way the worlds work to protect our teachers and rebuild our lineages.
“This is the way it is.
“Did anyone see them?
“We saw humans, child humans controlling the meksuits.
“Are Vedani related to Humans? The Symbias are hinting.
“They’re related to us, now.
“We will have to solve the problems that come with it.

“We are communicators, we’re connectors of planets.
“We learned that with the Symbias, who have always taught our generations.
“Flex your tendrils friends, stretch out your manes.
“We are going to have to communicate clearly, in such a way that the peoples will understand.
“We must not lose our families again, these friends who speak with the voices of our ancestors and hold our memories.

“Do we have enough skilled artisans to nurture them?
“Yes, we have enough.
“We have a lot.
“Lots of people want to spend time with them.

“Everyone with power pendants and focus pieces should activate and wear them.
“It’s time to expand our crescendoes.
“We’re going to want to give this everything we’ve got.
“We will put our worlds back together.”

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