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The oceanic location was secure, quiet but for the tossing waves surrounding the surface of the austere extended black building, floating level and still within the current using its tensile grip. They had their greater fields up to protect the upwards cargo bay opening. The mood was expectant.

Just outside of its direct airspace and elevated at the distance of safe approach, Drift X appeared in place. These jump transits made the ship appear looking somehow cleaner than before. It arrived looking shinier than it had in years for its top secret entrance debut. The expanded bay opening was large enough to welcome their ship. There was the subtle frisson as they slipped into fielded space, then a few breaths before being inside the hidden marvel that was The Arch. Drift X was swallowed, and settled. It first released the lozenge-shaped autonav supply drop capsule. The capsule opened its wide mouth and stuck out a conveyor belt tongue.

Everyone came forward from inside Drift X. The eight of them were a rare assortment: Captain Wendel Harper, Leiv Gruun, Gretz Manoukian, Toller, Derringer, Karma Ilacqua, General Alisandre Draig Claymore, and Princess Ascendant Soleil, Magus the 25th. Soleil figured that if everyone in this place was in special danger on her behalf, they may as well know who she is.

Toller was floored by Arkuda’s presence, unused to the gleam. Draig and Soleil both stepped forward to the Dragon. Arkuda nodded to them both, signaling the mudras for Much To Be Done and Here We Are. ‘E stood in trine with them.

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