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They found a bench at the edge of a small neighborhood park, where they wouldn’t look suspicious. Derringer used his cheap disposable communicator, the same one that had been riding in his pocket while on a planet still uncharted. There was a mysterious and short conversation, where he specified that he had a new investigative partner who was intrinsic to his operation, and he obtained a meeting point.

“Well, we’re not going in there,” said Derringer, indicating the towering eight-sided skystabber looming over the scenery, “so it’s good that we didn’t try. The location’s nearby, though. Just a tram hop and skip away. In a dramatically-contrasting neighborhood, if you know what I mean.”

“I do know what you mean, and I’m guessing which one. I have actually visited every neighborhood in this city.” Chip Soleil’s voice was mild and even.

“Good, so you’re not afraid to go.”


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