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In passing discussion, people were saying they wanted things like news of in-city relatives, food resiliency backup systems, and fuel reserves. Leiv was back to doing a boyhood pocket money task: delivering firewood. His ship wasn’t the old straight-to-the-doorstep handcart – but it had one inside. He heard one area asking, and another area offering, and set himself up as the cost-efficient runner.

In this secluded valley on Primatris, they were sharing their solid store of fully-seasoned long-burning hardwood. They’ve got plenty because this is how they plan. Interfed business wasn’t exactly booming at this time, and top dollar wasn’t easy to find. Leiv was partially working for food, fuel, and repair since that was all some people could afford who deserved his service. Besides, he’d just been treated to a porchfront reel and tip-top brunch on a checkered tablecloth, so he was feeling at full strength for the schlep. There was a hearty relay team helping him transfer a quarter of the neighborhood woodshed into the hold of his ship, Clearpath 5. Leiv stayed busy.

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