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Yrenn Tiche picked up some open volunteering as a door usher for the banquet. She had first scoped out each volunteer station – reception, green room, Ops 1, and Ops 2. She’d somehow not met Margeaux’s path along this circuit, but she had gotten a handy WLS logo tote bag; the data chip necklace was inside, and she kept the bag within sight, a distinguishing ribbon tied to one strap.

She finally spotted her cousin Margeaux within the banquet hall, sprucing up table decor and talking to the stage techs. Yrenn Soleil felt a rush of kinship and confidence at this sight. Continuing to help out, she watched for the right moment that a volunteer should approach an organizer.

“There’s a tech in Ops 2 who wants to discuss the banquet amplification and broadcasting with you,” she said, finally venturing forth. Ops 2 was actually destaffed during the banquet, which she learned from errant questioning. “May I walk you there in order to help catch our person?” This moment during the lead-up was exactly when that sort of issue should be addressed directly. Margeaux swiftly agreed and walked in that direction with Yrenn, who scooped up her bag. Matching gaits as they moved felt so familiar.

Sitting in a plush recessed hallway chair, seemingly reading, Derringer saw the two women hustle along. That was definitely the friend. He was washed and happy. After spending a brief yet sexy time together, Karma led her talk forthwith and was already gone, skipping out on the rest for probably a good reason. She was doing well and so was he. Right where he needed to be, and good to go.

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