42.3 \ 224

Current date of the Pan-Galactic Synchrony, that’s what she needed next. She set Wendel’s infosheet out on the equipment where she could read and navigate, taking good care of the loaned device. Glimpsing at the Synchrony date, Soleil reckoned it into a few different planetary timeframes to see if any familiar events were coming up.

Yes – right about now, the Women in Leadership Symposium should be underway just outside of Alisandre Capital. Margeaux would undoubtedly be helping to run that in some capacity, as long as it’s happening. This would be her cousin’s seventh running year of involvement, back since they started taking advanced courses. Innovative problem solvers with armloads of trade secrets? Princess Soleil would take that, along with the sight of one of her most familiar faces.

She went looking for news of the event. It was on in just a few days. But the WLS had been co-opted as a Relief Assistance annex group, so it was now both a drive and an organizational meeting. The fundraising was being redirected, and though some of the original program items remained, including the fashion show, there were lots of action items related to the populace in lockdown-affected urban areas. Things like supply distribution and information dispersal.

The Princess made a quick detour through mainpage headlines. There was a lot about the recent Red Nexus Dragon attack on the fleets. Tabloids were surging with confessionals which, now that she’d met them herself, read as obviously Kao-Sidhe related. Many connected to the battle, or to a rediscovered long-lost heirloom. Essay magazines were discussing new theory completions about the meaning of the Vedani window picture shows. Soleil could spot a lot in those that she could corroborate from her own educational voyage and liminal download, though the shift in perspective was sometimes dizzying.

There could be something that Margeaux Rienne could do for her, other than a welcome moment of recognition unlikely to be betrayed. So long as Soleil could make it work in time, it could really help. She’d have to see if she could contact some of the handsignal crew. Drift X could probably manage that connection. It would have to be worth getting her bestie involved in dangerous schemes.

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