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This entrance to the smithing chamber was a slender stone bridge, crystal encrustations coating the underside. At the bottom of the chasm below were drainage routes of the magma streams they used inside. Uixtr and Mystvall crossed that together. Before the entry, the Vedani brought a cloth square out of a pocket and dipped it into the basin of water there, to tie over his nose and mouth. “So, I’ll be able to see the progress from the viewing window?” he asked to confirm, indicating the opening on a platform up some stairs to the right. This was a new consideration for the allies of the Aureny whose bodies were unsuited to the conditions inside their smithing chambers.


The main prototype had indeed developed a lot. It gleamed like a Vedani object made of Vedani alloys, and the structures of the interspatial polygon were Vedani formulas at work. However, the light that ran along the outside and glimmered contained within was something else; full spectrum, partial spectra, ultra-alter-spectra, the object was highly equipped with magnified capabilities. The dedicated group inside was forging the unit modules that they were socketing and rearranging to create the sought-after resonance strata.

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