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Uixtr hadn’t yet returned to his home sector before all the fufurrah. Back in familiar corridors, he brought Moonshadow to a deluxe stable. “Make sure this one gets everything it needs,” he said to the ridekeeper, “it’s made some important discoveries, and may yet continue. Totally unique acquired knowledge base.” The ridekeeper made amiable beeping noises to Moonshadow as she led it to a suite with a set of auto-connecting banks, terminals, and a fuels buffet. As Moonshadow got situated, Uixtr placed a glowing purple crystalline rock encrusted with points on the ground next to the fuels. “And leave that here, as it’s still furthering its analysis.”

“Beep ba boop beep,” burbled the ridekeeper in jocular affirmative.

“I’ll see you again soon,” said Uixtr as he patted the handlebars before leaving.

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