Misfortune: Gremlin Attack

I was looking forward to adding another audiobook chapter to the story bandcamp, as stated in the previous post, but a new minor issue of an erratically charging battery just evolved this very morning into a laptop that won’t turn on.

This is a really heavy obstacle to a lot of things. I have some equipment to be able to keep writing and posting, but most production or development has to stall. The only current option is send-in service, and I’m not sure how long that could take during the shutdown crisis. Most everything is very recently backed up!

But, not the audiobook chapters I just recorded for the 4th Sequence. If you’d like to enjoy a version, all the live videos are stored on the Facebook page for Bones of Starlight (@bonesofstarlight). There’s a little bit of personal rambling along with that, but the story is all there.

Happy Earth Day.


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