While Supplies Last: Signed Books

Due to event cancellations, I happen to have on hand 8 pairs of Bones of Starlight 1 & 2. As a hard times special offer, these sets are available signed for $7 shipping + Donation.


If you prefer to even up, the retail price of the combo is $56, or $63 including shipping. Those who donate above the $7 shipping amount will also receive a gorgeous new Primal Spiral sticker, the imprint and promotions label of this author. The sticker mailed alone is available for $3. Let’s get these to some hungry eyes!

email/Paypal: primal.spiral@gmail.com
Venmo: @Eva-Elasigue-Primal-Spiral
twitter: @primalspiral
instagram: @primal.spiral
facebook: Eva L. Elasigue (personal/page), Bones of Starlight (page)

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