Cover Artist Gallery Opening


On Thursday 6-9, I’m going to support Bones of Starlight’s hardcover art painter Leo Shallat at a new gallery opening at Art Primo, a supply store for his medium in Capitol Hill. Join us to experience what stunning newness there may be In Store. If you’re not going out, view or support via , and as always the science fiction fantasy books featuring his artwork on the cover are obtainable from wherever you like to procure new books in distribution.

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Drift X occupied a serene spot in orbit near the planet it just left. This was called Ombd, a sound similar to that for the gestational rock, the omba – how the people of this planet, the Aureny, begin their lives. Every human aboard Drift X felt themselves profoundly changed after their encounters here. The ship was drenched in a serious, solid quiet as each person reshaped their world to include what they’d just seen. The knowledge of this place was rare, which made it also heavy. Princess Ascendant Soleil, Magus, occupied the circular gunnery with only the returned Kao-Sidhe liaison Dragon Food. Their discussion was as subdued as Dragon Food could ever really be.