Laptop keyboard failure can get very, very frustrating. Mine’s been limping along, but certain keys began to require very conscious engagement, and I’m a fast touch typer! It’s not an old laptop, and I don’t bash my keys – yes, it’s done a couple novels, a few websites, and plenty of social networking, but keyboards are made for that. However, not this one. So it was time.


I most definitely, by far and away, prefer the feel and dimensions of the previous generation of mac keyboard. It uses a different type of switch that doesn’t pop as much under the fingers, I prefer the approximately 3-micron-greater difference in height profile, approx 1.5-micron-greater spacing between keys, the single micron of space between the key base and the housing plate that makes it much easier to service at home, and even the plastic has better grip texture. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, and plenty of people prefer the new model.

And though I like the original texture, I have myself a new set of (out-of-print/out-of-business) Lazerwood veneer key covers and vinyl letter stickers to help me learn Dvorak typing. At my stage of typing fitness, I’m ready to spend some time changing styles to avoid similar-stress pain. Bonus for switching up motorneural connections adjacent to language processing and ideation. I play like that.

At times along this Bones of Starlight journey, I’ve experienced equipment explosion like never before, I mean next level stuff. It makes me feel like a mayday astronaut shedding shuttle parts during atmospheric re-entry: keep your cool and land this ship! Make it work! I’m just… blazing, apparently. It’s okay. I’m willing to blaze like never before, if that’s what I’m here to do.

My fingers feel very happy with my new-in-box previous-gen keyboard. Thank you for all the support that’s gotten me far enough to burn a laptop keyboard in the middle of the third book of a trilogy.

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