Upcoming: Ace Comic Con Northeast

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 11.09.17 PM

It’ll be a while yet, but I’m on board again with the stellar Ace crew to make a presence in Artist Alley. From the folks behind Wizard World, recently featured in Forbes, Ace Comic Con is top notch fun with people who come from all over to meet the favorites they know and don’t know yet.

Looking forward to seeing Boston again! Great book city.

I remember looking around inside the first of these that I attended, realizing that in that one building we had approximately enough for a movie crew, and it looked like that sort of place, too. And how else are we to find them, the people who could possibly care enough to make a life out of it? This is one way for sure. I’ve made some truly interesting and inspiring friends within this scene over the past year, as it’s appeared around the country. I’m not at every show, but I’ve presented 3 of 4 over the previous year! Good crowd.

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