Collector’s Note

Clothbound Hardcover 1st Printings – Ending Imminently

Here’s a kicker – as the service that prints my books has become more popular, they’re updating their equipment, and the hardcovers will no longer come in clothbound. That’s happening this week, as of October 22nd.

Between this printing and the next, the hardcover under the jacket will come with a cloth texture image printed on it. In any subsequent edition, that inside cover may have its own under-jacket design, but until then, cloth will turn to pseudo-cloth. I will miss that touch of quality, but may be able to introduce a different element given the new parameters.

I know and love all my editions. Each printing is a memento of a time that will not come again. Thank you to everyone that’s supported this great and wonderful endeavor. If you’d ever like to bring one of my editions to see me in the future, we can remember when it was that you became a special kind of friend to me: a reader.

You can still get a clothbound (Book 2 1st ed.) hardcover by snapping up one of the used copies floating around out there now – for a short time, that’s all that will be on the used market. Yes, obviously I don’t receive a cut from used sales, but I’m thinking about you right now. I don’t currently possess a surplus that you can order directly from me. This is it!

Bones of Starlight 1: Fire Within (HC)
Bones of Starlight 2: Abyss Surrounding (HC)

If you quickly order a fresh copy from a bookstore, you’re gambling on a chance of getting cloth or pseudo-cloth. The bookstore won’t be able to specify for you. There’ll be a limited amount of copies sitting in various warehouses.

Otherwise, forward with time and progress into the future. Right now, I’m not making promises other than a third book to end the trilogy, which is to be released hardcover first. I enjoyed offering a paperback for the first, before its new printing. Such a thing may happen again, or it may not. Same with ebook formats. The third book of this trilogy feels like how I imagine the latter part of a running marathon would feel – additional trappings fade away, and the main thing is just to continue, if I am to finish. Making the story visible on this website helps, where people can enjoy it before anything else terrible happens. Receiving people’s interest and encouragement at in-person events helps – readings, conventions, pop-ups, and run-ins. These things don’t just appear, you know? But, you do know, if you happen to be reading this. Thanks again.

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