Authors of the San Juan Islands, Special Local Freebie

I’m taking this moment to let people know about a new but strong group for published authors on San Juan Island WA, where I reside. Writers in San Juan County with work available to sell can participate in this local marketing & promotion collective. I’m not on the group website yet, but look, a website! Get onto the email list if you feel called to participate.

Authors of the San Juan Islands

This group will have a table at tomorrow’s indoor Farmer’s Market at the Brickworks, 10am-1pm. At this table is one (1) free reviewer’s copy of Bones of Starlight 2: Abyss Surrounding. Not many of those floating around – I hope someone will pick it up who is interested in reading and responding. Disregard section titles in the proof, and please do focus on the story!

Your thoughts on the matter...

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