Bones of Starlight: Fire Within – On Availability

SATURDAY! August 11th, 7-9pm, Meet The Authors at Mullis Senior Center, Friday Harbor WA. Come to my table to celebrate with some wine or other refreshment! As promised, there is now a way to order a copy of the new re-issue edition of Book 1, FIRE WITHIN! I have already done so, because of my special powers.

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This re-issue uses a set of draconid agender pronouns, has upgraded its volume and chapter titles, and shines with a little more sparkle. It is most certainly the same story that was in Fire On All Sides – the second book follows later this year.

You need to use a maker-direct channel (through me), but if you do, your orders will be made soonest, and be of momentarily greater benefit to the author! Copies will also be available through the usual channels very soon.

Email to arrange your order, payable via invoice.

Taking first orders tomorrow the 11th, on my mother’s birthday.
It’s beautiful!

cover 14-1


92 \ 180

Material gain reports of unusual interest had been the informative basis for the Vanguard’s presence at this nodal structure. Plexus Corporation had reported findings of untraceable materials of unusual but simple and innocuous assembly. These were marked down as material intake, a common occurrence distinguishable by its makeup. It had caught the notice of one especially inquisitive Vanguard agent with an assignment.

Agent Weathers had been theorizing, and placing himself in the path of his theories. This one had to do with exploring possible avenues of collusion. If the Princess was alive, and still hidden, she may have someone hiding her with or without cooperation. Remaining hidden for this long meant expertly avoiding the gaze of innocent eyes. Among the best at that were corporations, including and especially the large ones with their labyrinths of departments, high acumen and familiarity with transport, and deep resource pools. Yesterday, Vanguard John Weathers scanned a few different kinds of corporate-government reports. He decided to take advantage of this timely location alert, which followed an untraceable materials lump that included Zerite. A suspect, a question, and a clue; indications of powerful players.

His ship was in correlative drift with this giant party decoration – some wide spacefoam ribbon held in an irregular shape, attached to what looked like a copier. Unlikely spot for an art installation. Doesn’t work like any known equipment, could easily be discarded research in this removed area. Corporations sniping each others’ secrets was nothing new, and they were happy to report their gains to reinforce their winning reputations. Delving into their mysteries was for the few, the brave. Agent Weathers was just dipping his toe in at this particular point, with his own aims in mind. He’d rest and formulate here until the next action took precedence.

Meet The Authors FH; Ace Comic Con Midwest; Double Postings

Meet The Authors
Coming up on Saturday, August 11 7pm-9pm. At the Mullis Senior Center in Friday Harbor, WA. A gathering of local authors, with sales & refreshments.

Hardcover Re-Issue

Ace Comic Con Midwest, Chicago, October 12-14

Double Postings
Expect some of these during this time of Pre/Release.x3, with dense content of the ending of Book 2, Abyss Surrounding.

Artist Gallery Event

Posting from Untitled, a 2-day multi-artist gallery pop-up event in Seattle, co-featuring Leo Shallat, whose painting “Golden Compass” (as shown atop this page) will appear on the cover of the next outcoming release from Primal Spiral – Bones of Starlight: Fire Within, the hardcover re-issue of the first volume of the trilogy, previously titled Fire On All Sides. This event will continue through tomorrow Saturday, with plenty of art for the feasting of the eyes, music, and all-around merriment. Here’s the Facebook listing and the Eventbrite listing.






Cascadia Recap


Hosting a typewriter in a tea lounge was full of various and unexpected delights! I worked on a custom form of poetry that was utilized by another, made wedding favor slips, facilitated others with their own typewriter experience, and poured tea.

I also held a science-to-scifi reading at the CuriosiTEA Party at the Prism Stage, where we filled cups, bellies, minds and hearts! Thanks to all who made Cascadia beautiful again.

Also featured was the artwork of Leo Shallat in the gallery, including the medallion for Fire Within re-issue cover artwork! Check out his upcoming pop up gallery appearance in Seattle at Photon Factory.