Bones of Starlight: Fire Within – On Availability

SATURDAY! August 11th, 7-9pm, Meet The Authors at Mullis Senior Center, Friday Harbor WA. Come to my table to celebrate with some wine or other refreshment! As promised, there is now a way to order a copy of the new re-issue edition of Book 1, FIRE WITHIN! I have already done so, because of my special powers.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 8.58.07 PM

This re-issue uses a set of draconid agender pronouns, has upgraded its volume and chapter titles, and shines with a little more sparkle. It is most certainly the same story that was in Fire On All Sides – the second book follows later this year.

You need to use a maker-direct channel (through me), but if you do, your orders will be made soonest, and be of momentarily greater benefit to the author! Copies will also be available through the usual channels very soon.

Email to arrange your order, payable via invoice.

Taking first orders tomorrow the 11th, on my mother’s birthday.
It’s beautiful!

cover 14-1


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