Draft Preview Hiatus 6/7



A callsign request comes in over the ppcd bands
Toller quickly explains his C-D alter ego, which has developed while left alone in the cockpit
he uses the night vigilante voice effect so no one knows how young he is
Asks Wendel if he can answer
Curious, she says yes go ahead!

Toller proceeds to humor counsel and wisecrack someone into shipshape
while some of his other… fans? … chime in


this was still a strange and puzzling idea to Uixtr, and most Vedani, but it was also the basis on which they were able to co-engineer a massive covert destabilizing attack on an empire that had exhibited increasing callous aggression toward their appearances, and even done horrific things to its own people in preventing possible liaison. Wherever the power lay, the Vedani had decided it was in the wrong hands, and that they themselves were in danger because of it.


Your thoughts on the matter...

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